The World of Dwarves

Dwarven culture has not progressed much in the past 1000 years. Things are done in a very similar manner as their great great grandfathers would have done them. Stonework and metalwork are still done by hand in a meticulous manner. An enormous amount of forethought is put in to each and every piece of stonework. A culture based on making functional caverns and passages that are also breathtakingly beautiful has bred most dwarfs to be proficient masons at a young age. Those who do not show a gift for stone work are soon brought up to work with the forges, and begin their lives as blacksmiths. The armor and weaponry created by the dwarfs is of the best quality in the world. A Dwarven Battle axe at market would sell for two to three times the price for a comparable piece crafted by any other race. It is not just that the dwarves have a secret method for smelting their metals, or that the level of intricate detail on each hammer and sward is intense; it is rumored that the songs chanted during the forging process are a link to an ancient magik. these deep low songs imbue their weapons and armor with a primordial strength and beauty.

The truth of other races in the world has faded into the shadows of the past. The only history taught to the dwarfs is that of masonry and smithing. There are massive murals in entryways, but without instruction as to the identities of these foreign creatures depicted on the stone tapestries young dwarfs are left to fill the blanks in on their own. Drawn out tales of wars forgotten and mystical races are told round the fires after the days work have done. These stories equal part myth and truth are the closest most young dwarfs will ever get to modern elves and humans.

Dwarven society is rumored to have an expansive tunnel system that stretches beneath all reaches of Byrthian. Hidden deep within the Tinderbrushed Mountains primarily, they also have strongholds in the Razor Ridge mountains as well as the small Shadowed Plateau to the far South. Dwarfs are very known for making numerous tunnels to nowhere, and each of the three communities stay very close to home. If the Great Dwarven Cities do connect, the paths have not been trod in a great many years.

Dwarven Cities are ruled by a small council of the 12 Great Families residing in the cities, each and every dwarf can trace his lineage to one or more of these great families. The exception being Druum set beneath the Shadowed Plateau. being such a small city there are only 8 Great Families. The council members each have their own responsibilities, coming together only to resolve disputes and pass decisions that effect the community as a whole.

The World of Dwarves

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